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Action Clutch Twin Disc Set

US$ 1,900.00

Torque Rating: 1080nm
HP Rating: 1200hp
Weight: 14lbs

With a unique US made formulated ceramic material this multi-plate will be able to handle the abuse and power your build will be making at the track. It provides a quick engagement, its durable and are designed to hold very high horsepower and torque. The multi-plate cover is machined from strong billet aluminum and the flywheel from 6061-T6 Aluminum which meets SFI spec 1.2 for competition in IDRC, NHRA, NDRA, IHRA, SCCA, and NASA. What makes it different is the unique compound on the disc. It is far better than the imported ceramic disc that the competitors have been using. The twins will guarantee a smoother engagement with a fast bite, and a better throttle response. All assemblies are plug and play with no additional Modifications required. Proudly made in USA  

* Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. All orders are newly custom made. 

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